Day 6. The classic program at the WCY-2019 is over (video)

The competitions were held from October 28th to November 2nd. Among 222 participants, 8 sets of personal medals and 1 set of team medals were played out.

Sportsmen from 8 countries (Belarus, China, Lithuania, Mongolia, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Ukraine) became champions or prize-winners in the classical program of WCY-2019.

In the unofficial medal standings, Russia won the first place – 10 medals (5 gold, 3 silver, 2 bronze). In the second place is Mongolia – 3 (1+1+1). The third place was finished by the Netherlands – 2 (1+0+1).

19 countries from the world took part in the team standings. First place is Russia (34 participants). Second place is Mongolia (22). The third place is Belarus (18).

Results of personal offset

Hopes (B10), boys

  1. Shchetkin Stepan (Russia)
  2. Du Zhuoyuan (China)
  3. Boxum Matheo (Netherlands)

Hopes (G10), girls

  1. Vasileva Elizaveta (Russia)
  2. Musiienko Kateryna (Ukraine)
  3. Guan Xinyue (China)

Mini-cadets (B13), boys

  1. Govorov Prokopiy (Russia)
  2. Bolshakov Aleksei (Russia)
  3. Zaika Savva (Russia)

Mini-cadets (G13), girls

  1. Enkhbold Khuslen (Mongolia)
  2. Aprosimova Sandaara (Russia)
  3. Nikifarava Darya (Belarus)

Cadets (B16), boys

  1. Weistra Machiel (Netherlands)
  2. Ilin Daniil (Russia)
  3. Banevicius Rokas (Lithuania)

Cadets (G16), girls

  1. Fedorova Tunaara (Russia)
  2. Nikalayeva Viktoryia (Belarus)
  3. Chasnakova Maryia (Belarus)

Juniors (B19), boys

  1. Protodyakonov Anatolyi (Russia)
  2. Munkhbaatar Shiirevjamts (Mongolia)
  3. Deriglazov Ilya (Russia)

Juniors (G19), girls

  1. Bankowska Marta (Poland)
  2. Yakubovich Yana (Belarus)
  3. Bayar Misheel (Mongolia)

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